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Refund Policy


For episode based arrangements, you will be qualified for Refund when any of the accompanying paradigms are met: You have every one of the essentials which were obliged to determine the issue and the issue was not determined after 5 rehashed endeavor. The issue is out of degree for the specific arrangement. At the end of the day you paid for a particular settle yet it got to be clear that the issue is of another nature.

15 days have gone after the issue was last worked upon by a SOSPcCare specialist and the issue is still not determined. SOSPcCare will endeavor to contact you by telephone and by email on the off chance that you advise us, however in the event that you decline to make yourself accessible for determination, for any reason, then the 15 days will reset every time SOSPcCare endeavors to contact you and keep up records of the endeavor.

You concur not to organization a charge back by means of your Master card organization unless all the above criteria apply and the issue has not been set out agreeable to you. On the off chance that you do organization a charge back by means of your Visa organization and the above criteria don’t make a difference, then SOSPcCare has the privilege to guarantee the expense of the charge back and the expense of the administration from you by means of the Small Claims Court framework. This record named the SOSPcCare “Terms and Conditions” will apply in the Small Claims court procedures.


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